We are a company of over 40 years of experience in this line of business. While it has been a lone wolf venture till now, but with the changing business environment, there is a need to rethink ways of doing business. To sustain in this rough world where there is a lot of competition and starting a new venture is easier than it used to be a couple of years back, a company which has been doing sustainable business for 40 years is and always will be a attractive investment option.

The Engineering Construction sector is always important for growth of economy and there is always a high demand for good and established Contractors. Since, the company is not limited to any particular sector; it has always a huge availability of projects. The Oil and gas sector, which is one of the most important Industrial sector, has been the company’s main target along with the Power and chemical sector. Even in places where there are no industry coming up, there are a lot of renovation work going on, either due to new technology coming up or old structures need to be decommissioned. The need for experienced and knowledgeable company is ever more than it was without technology evolving so fast.

The company also gives back to the community as much as it can. It has over the years has employed a lot of people and has acted as an institute for churning out skilled labor. In addition to providing jobs to people in need, the company offers help in any respect as requested by its employees. It has been a pleasure of the company’s management to help people in need and to provide to less-privileged people than them. The company takes special care in giving back to the people of the community and always tries to help the local economy by purchasing local goods and items. Rest assured, the company not of takes care of the work, but also society.

The company always puts it investors’ interest before itself and makes sure that it unblemished record of so many years is not threatened at all. Every project that is taken up, is very acutely scrutinized. All factors from Union to Payment terms, to the client’s past financial performance and job record to site problems are checked to make sure that nothing is out of order. In any case, Time & Money is only invested in those projects from where there is healthy return for everybody.

The company offers two options of investing

  • Fixed Term Investment – FTI offers the option of investing a particular sum for a fixed period of time with a fixed amount as RTI. This option needs the sum to be invested for at least a period 3 years.

  • Project Term Investment – PTI offers the option of investing a particular sum for the duration of a single specific project. At the end of the project the investor is credited with the amount as agreement.
  • For Further details, please contact the company.