About Us

Founded in 1974, the company has been rendering top-end services in the last 40 years. The company is registered under the Companies Act 1948. It is started functioning from its base in Haldia, West Bengal, once the heart of industrial revolution in the state, having the major advantage of being a port town. Haldia has had and still has big names of the Indian industry, with whom, the company has had the opportunity to work with and has successfully rendered services as asked of it. The work quality has always impressed the top brass at any site, as much as that the company has been awarded with follow up contracts from the same client.


Since its inception, the company has been associated with big names of the industry, namely Bridge & Roof Co. Limited, Killburn Engineering Limited, Skanssen Engg & Consultants Limited etc. in the early days, to TATA Honeywell, ATP Engineering & Thermax Engineering in the recent past. The company has been executing AMC services for a chemical plant, first owned by Hindustan Lever, then was sold to TATA Chemicals, since the plant came into existence in 1976..

The company has over the years, built a reputation of carrying out all work in its scope and finishing all its projects. The company can proudly state that the quality of the job has been top class/state-of-the-art, at all sites the company has worked on. Materials listed by the client are strictly adhered to, for executing jobs, if not specified, materials with proven record are used.


A.P. Construction was an idea that started with a humble background and the opportunity that was offered by an upcoming town. With time the company grew immensely in presence and experience. It was also the time where contracts could be found easily and very few to execute them. As were the opportunities so were the risk, most of the contract came with riders of strict timeline adherence and also performance bonus of around 25% if finished in time. If not finished within the deadline 25% of the contract money would have been deducted for late completion. Those were the times when the company established itself as one of the serious players in the business and fully committed to the client’s needs.